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Life’s Too Short To Go To F*cking Slow Review

Life’s Too Short to Go So F*cking Slow: Lessons from an Epic Friendship That Went the Distance I stumbled upon this book while searching the Velopress website. I picked it up because it looked like a quick read, and might offer me some encouragement. It is indeed a quick read that held my interest through one sitting. I was careful not to read anything about the story before picking up the book, and I’m glad I did. I really don’t want to give away to much of the story, but it’s a memoir of a woman who wasn’t quick sure where she was headed in life. She met a friend that taught her what life is all about while training her for her first of many triathlons. We all need a friend like Carlos in our life. It’s definitely worth a read.

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So this was today

Finally, things are feeling a little happier, and a plan of action has been but in place. I used to be at a place where if everything was taken away I would still be okay. I lost that feeling, and I’m trying to get back to it. Each day, each moment of breath is not promised.  I think Rennyo Shonin says it best:

On White Ashes (Hakkotsu no Gobunshø)

This letter by Rennyo Shonin is usually read by Shin ministers at funeral services.
Now, if we look realistically at the nature of human life, we see that it is fleeting and unpredictable, illusive almost. Birth, life and death pass by in the twinkling of an eye. Thus we never hear of the human body lasting for ten thousand years. 
And who today can keep the body young and healthy for even one hundred years? Yes, how quickly our lives slip away. Whether I am the first or someone else, whether today or tomorrow, our lives on earth do indeed one day come to an end. Life seems to vanish unseen like ground water, or to evaporate like the morning dew on the summer lawn. 
Thus our bodies may be radiant with health in the morning, but by evening they may be white ashes. If the right causes and conditions prevail, our two eyes are closed forever, our breathing ceases and our bodies lose the glow of life. Our relatives in great numbers and with great wealth can assemble, but they are powerless to change our situation. Even the rites and rituals of grief and mourning change nothing. All we can do is prepare the body for cremation; all that is left is white ashes.
In view of these facts, does it not make sense to focus on the things we can change? We cannot control the passing away of both young and old alike, but each of us can take refuge in the Buddha of Infinite Life who promises to embrace, without exception, all beings who but recite his Holy Name – Namo Amida Buddha. This you can do here and now, freeing yourself of any worries concerning your future life. 
With friendly reverence, I remain, 
Rennyo (1414-1499)

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I knew I forgot something

I knew I forgot to post something last night for NaJoWriMo. That’s not to say that I didn’t spend time on a journal post. It’s just that it was all in my head. Yesterday, was challenging.  I was mostly trying to figure out a plan of action on how to proceed in certain aspects of life, and time got away from me. 

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Palm & Sand

Today was a supposed to be a short recovery run. It was, but my side was hurting the whole time. I couldn’t shake it. I’m thinking it was that I just ate too close to running. It always fun running in town, but hot. The Ironman racers are in town, and I enjoy watching them train. I’ll tell you a little secret. I would like to try for the Hawaii  lottery to make it into the big race. I have one goal that I’m working on that needs to be completed before I give that a real goal. Also, finance kinda put a damper on race fees + additional gear needed. If you like to sponsor me in that goal I’m taking offers. In the mean time I’m going to keep on trucking along with my current goals. 

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Lettuce Sea

I don’t have much to journal about, but l’m determined to write something today. There have been som changes in life that requires me to cut extraneous expenses. Sadly, that meant giving up my trainer that I’ve been with since May. She helped me get fast, and stronger. I’m hoping  that I’ve learned enough to continue to improve on my own.  

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Oh Hi! 

Apparently, there is a new thing call NaJoWriMo.  It’s like NaNoWriMo, but you write a journal everyday for October. Let’s see if I can get back in th swing of it.  I also have several races to report on. I don’t think it will be a problem. Haha.

So today:
I started the morning with a 8 mile training run on the Bird Marathon course. I started at the Volcano Golf Course, and ended at Akatsuka Orchids.  I had side pain until mile 5, and then it was all winnahs.

I headed into Hilo afterwards.

Got out of my car in Hilo. Guy sitting at a table talking to himself. He turns to me as I’m walking. He say “Can I have a fist bump for old times?” while holding out his fist. I oblige with a fist bump. He said he went to Japan and never came back. I start speaking my basic Japanese, and he responds back in Japanese. I think we both made each other’s day. ( Yes, he was high as a kite)

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Burn It Up.

After, much thought of late I decided to try a personal coach. I’ve always been pretty self motivated, but haven’t been holding myself accountable on some of my goals.  I’ve been thinking about this for quite sometime, and thought now might be the time to give it a go for a month or two to see if I progress. 

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2016 Honolulu Marathon – Honolulu Hawaii

Last, December I decided to run the Honolulu Marathon. It seemed like a good goal. I hadn’t run anything further than a 10k at that point. I also had to convince myself to take time off during the time my work is the busiest.  The Honolulu Marathon offers a $25 entry fee for Kama’aina during a short time each year. The affordable race fee, and the opportunity to see Honolulu Lights at the same as the race made it a done deal. 

The Honolulu Marathon had over 30,000 runners. This is by far the most populated race I’ve ever run. I’m used to the smaller Big Island running community. We got up at 2:30am, and took a bus to Ala Moana for the start line. 

I arrived at the start line quite early, but there was plenty to see. The race started with a fireworks display, and we started running in waves. 

The race started in the dark at 5am. There are lots of Christmas lights along the way. I was following close to J., and at the 5K sensor I was so focused on his feet that I missed seeing the sensor. I tripped and went flying. It was funny to hear everyone in unison yell, “Ohhhh,” all at once. I just got up and kept running.  I could tell I skinned my need and hands, but nothing serious. We kept going. I was pretty happy until the half way point. I was going slower than my normal 1/2 pace, but I wanted to make sure I had enough to make it to the end. J. had to take a few bathroom/food stops along the way. I kept moving the best I could. I never had any points where I wanted to stop the race. I did have to walk more than I expected. I had food with me, but probably needed more. I walk/ran  (1 min walk/3min run) for a good portion on the last half. I tried my best to run most of the last 1.5 miles. I challenged a guy to run with me to the end. He was walking at the time, and ran almost to the end with me. I remembered that they had malasadas at the end. So, I ran… Well, at least my brain thought I was running. I’m not sure that 26.2 is my distance yet. I did this, but I don’t know if/when I’ll do another one. I think at this point I’m going to stick to the 1/2 marathon distance. Don’t hold me to that though. I’ve been known to change my mind to do crazy things. There was no cry, and no pooping my pants. I made it safely to the end. I can’t walk so well, but that’s okay. 

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Ka’u Coffee Trail Run Pahala Hawaii 2016

I didn’t take my phone with my on this race, but the fabulous Suz Field captured the day for me. I wasn’t expecting to go out and break any PRs today, and I didn’t. This was a challenging course with a 2200 elevation change, according to my watch. This race is a challenging course. I had a blister open up somewhere around Mile 9, which added an extra bit of pain to the game. I’m glad I did it, and was happy through all of it. I admitI was getting tired of the hills at the end. I don’t know my official time yet, but my watch said 3:10. My last 1/2 time was 2:30. This time difference should give you an idea of how challenging this run was, at least for me. 🙂 

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Run For Hope – Four Seasons Hualalai 2016

Sept. 11, 2016 was the Race For Hope at Hualalai. I ran the 5K this year. This race is one of the prettiest and hottest races, but they sure do feed you well at the end. I ran for a time of 32:54.  I was hot, and I still can seem to go faster even with donuts at the end.

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