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Category: Food

How To Eat Jaboticaba – The Mighty Go

I was a little sick when I made this video, but the fruit was going to go bad. I wanted to make sure that I shared this fabulous fruit with you. I actually helped pick this fruit. It’s always wonderful when you have the chance to harvest fresh fruit.

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How To Eat And Open A Mangosteen

I received a request to feature a mangosteen in a video. I was able to hunt down a fresh mangosteen at my local food store. This is actually my first time trying the a mangosteen. So, I’m not exactly an expert on opening them, but in the video I show you how to successfully open and eat a mangosteen.

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How To Eat A Sapodilla Fruit

The Manilkara Zapota is originally from Mexico and Central America, but is now cultivated in the Philippines, and South East Asia. The fruit is brown with a soft texture. The fruit should be eaten when it is soft, but firm. It shouldn’t be mushy. The fruit has a nice subtle taste similar to malt, and in some cases there is a hint of cinnamon. This fruit also contains tanin in the unripe fruits. There are large seeds with little hooks on the end. So, be careful when eating. This a very fun fruit to try. The bark from this tree has also been used as the base of chewing gum for many years..

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