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Palm & Sand

Today was a supposed to be a short recovery run. It was, but my side was hurting the whole time. I couldn’t shake it. I’m thinking it was that I just ate too close to running. It always fun running in town, but hot. The Ironman racers are in town, and I enjoy watching them train. I’ll tell you a little secret. I would like to try for the Hawaii  lottery to make it into the big race. I have one goal that I’m working on that needs to be completed before I give that a real goal. Also, finance kinda put a damper on race fees + additional gear needed. If you like to sponsor me in that goal I’m taking offers. In the mean time I’m going to keep on trucking along with my current goals. 

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Oh Hi! 

Apparently, there is a new thing call NaJoWriMo.  It’s like NaNoWriMo, but you write a journal everyday for October. Let’s see if I can get back in th swing of it.  I also have several races to report on. I don’t think it will be a problem. Haha.

So today:
I started the morning with a 8 mile training run on the Bird Marathon course. I started at the Volcano Golf Course, and ended at Akatsuka Orchids.  I had side pain until mile 5, and then it was all winnahs.

I headed into Hilo afterwards.

Got out of my car in Hilo. Guy sitting at a table talking to himself. He turns to me as I’m walking. He say “Can I have a fist bump for old times?” while holding out his fist. I oblige with a fist bump. He said he went to Japan and never came back. I start speaking my basic Japanese, and he responds back in Japanese. I think we both made each other’s day. ( Yes, he was high as a kite)

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2017 Kona Marathon  – Kona Half Marathon 

Kona Marathon Packet Pick Up
The Kona Marathon was this weekend in Waikoloa. After switching races last year due to an injury I was back to complete my goal of running the Half Marathon. The races and the Hilton Waikoloa offered a very generous room rate for Kama’aina runners, which allowed us to stay at the resort for the first time. I’ve always wanted to stay here, and play in the water slides and pools,  but the Marriot has always been considerably cheaper until now. So, we made a fun day out of the event.

We arrived early for packet pickup, I check to see if we might be able to get our room early. They allowed us to check in at 12pm, which was really awesome, as check in is usually 4pm.  We got a room in the Hale ‘Ike Palace Wing, which was very nice. The building was quiet, and the room was huge.

Since we got there so early we took the time to play in the water. Sadly, I still have a cold sore so I had to keep my head above water. I wasn’t able to go on the larger slides. I made do, and the kids thought I was ridiculous going down the little slide.

Hilton Waikoloa Pool Area

Waikoloa Water Slide Fun
Waikoloa Water Slide Fun
Waikoloa Sunset
Waikoloa Sunset

After, swimming we ate bentos in our and enjoyed the sunset.

I woke up at 4:15 to walk over to the start line for the 6am send off. It was a beautiful morning, which a slight breeze.

I finished with a PR of 2:25. I had been shooting for 2:20, but that’s okay. I was on track until the last few miles. I felt good for most of the race, but really started to feel it at mile 9. My Achilles’ tendon has been bothering me a bit, and it let me know it was there at 9 miles mark. I didn’t push it, as I want to keep that tendon happy. I also did a PR at the 10k mark which was exciting. 

Here is my annual finisher photo with the UCC cup. I was ready to go stretch, eat, and put my feet up at this point.  I really gave it my all for this race, and I was feeling it.

Half marathon race swag. The kitty wanted to be in the picture. Say hi kitty. 

Next up Jul 4th 5K. 

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International Karate League Kailua Kona Tournament – November 7 2016

Well, some how this post was never completed. Better late than never.

The IKL Kona Tournament took place last November. We had a new venue at the Kealakehe gym.

Quick image before the tournament. I’m not sure why I’m looking a so nervous.

Nishioka Shihan is the founder of our school. He’s a very special man.

I placed in two events this year.

Third in kata.

Second in kobudo.

We got to help manage one of the kumite rings. It was good experience, and quite the honor given our ranks.

The whole Pahala dojo. We all did very good. よくできました.

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Jingle Bell Beach Run 2016  Kailua Kona Christmas 5K

The Kona Jingle Bell Run was a very soggy affair this year. There was a very big storm that pushed thru, but luckily there was only a light drizzle by the time the race was underway.  My time for this race was 32:18. Again, I can’t seem to get my time under or back close to 30 minutes for 5K.  I think I’m still recovering from the marathon last week. I had a bit of pain in the right foot, but I need to figure out how I can sustain a faster pace. I have some training changes coming up, but not sure how much I can push without an injury. I have to be a bit careful with myself.  Overall a fun run, and great to see all the festive costumes. 

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2016 Volcano Rain Forest Runs 1/2 Marathon – Volcano Hawaii August

This is my first attempt at making a video during a running event. I admit it’s not perfect. I had the plan to make a short segment during each mile of the 1/2 marathon, but after mile 6 I got a little too into running, and forgot. This half marathon was my second 1/2 marathon, and it was so much fun. If you would have told me 4 years ago that I would have fun and enjoy running 13.2 miles I would have laughed in your face. I’m not sure where or how I got the idea that I would enjoy trying to increase my distance, but somehow I did. This video is of the Volcano Rain Forest Runs 1/2 Marathon Course. ( It’s a nice run through the village, and a slight elevation change of 600 ft.

Race start line.

Race shirt and medal

Mayor Elect Harry Kim

Race director Sharon Faff

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I officially signed up for Lavaman last week. It’s an Olympic distance event. That means it’s a 1500 m swim, 40K Bike, and 10K run. I’ve been using various sport specific training plans, but figured it was about time to read this book. I’ve read many triathlon books, and many different plans. I’m trying to make the right one for me. This book seems to be one of the go to guides for self-trained triathlon athletes. Let’s see what it has to offer. 

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Club Rehab Kona 2016 – ‘Ohana Fun Run – July 9th, 2016

Club Rehab had their second annual ‘Ohana Fun Run on July 9th 2016 on Ali’i drive. This route continues to be one of my slower routes. I’m not sure 100% sure why. It’s actually a really nice run, but I think it just gets hot for me. IDK. I did try to kick it up at the end. However, I thought I crossed the finish line, and stopped a meter short of the actual timing end. So, I got passed by the person I was racing with at the end. I felt a bit silly, but that’s okay. My time was 32:14. Again, I’m not sure why I was so much slower than five days before at the July 4th 5K.

There was a bonus. I won a hat, coffee, bioastin, and gelato coupon. I might not have run well, but I at least scored on the lottery front.

Keep trying. =)

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Kona Marathon Races – June 26 2016

I was originally scheduled to run the 1/2 marathon in the Kona Marathon Races. However, I had a bit of an injury, and decided that it would be best to switch to a shorter races. By doing this it meant I was out of the triple crown. I was a bit saddened, but that’s okay. I’ll sign up for next year, and complete it in 2017.

Checking in and packet pick up.

I stayed at the Waikoloa Beach Marriott Resort, as I thought I would be getting up super early with the 1/2. The location was comfortable, and great for getting to the race venue.

I loved the sunset view, and the swimming pool.

Race morning, and I’m ready for the 5K.

After, the race I was ready for my giant cup of coffee.

My race results for the 2016 Kona Races 5K was 30:40. My PR to date. I keep trying the break that 30 minute mark, but I just couldn’t do it this time. I’ll keep trying. Still not bad with the injury still healing.

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A Salute To Veterans 5K – Hilo July 4th 2016

This was my third year running the July 4th A Salute To Veterans 5K in Hilo. It a usual course around Queen Liliuokalani Park, and every year I try to go faster. It’s traditionally been my slowest 5K, but this year it has been my fastest. I PR’d at 30:24. I’m pretty proud. I tried so hard to get under 30, but just couldn’t do it. I felt I ran a good race. It’s always fun to see everyone out running on July 4th. This event also has a walk category that gets many out on the course.

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