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2016 Honolulu Marathon – Honolulu Hawaii

Last, December I decided to run the Honolulu Marathon. It seemed like a good goal. I hadn’t run anything further than a 10k at that point. I also had to convince myself to take time off during the time my work is the busiest.  The Honolulu Marathon offers a $25 entry fee for Kama’aina during a short time each year. The affordable race fee, and the opportunity to see Honolulu Lights at the same as the race made it a done deal. 

The Honolulu Marathon had over 30,000 runners. This is by far the most populated race I’ve ever run. I’m used to the smaller Big Island running community. We got up at 2:30am, and took a bus to Ala Moana for the start line. 

I arrived at the start line quite early, but there was plenty to see. The race started with a fireworks display, and we started running in waves. 

The race started in the dark at 5am. There are lots of Christmas lights along the way. I was following close to J., and at the 5K sensor I was so focused on his feet that I missed seeing the sensor. I tripped and went flying. It was funny to hear everyone in unison yell, “Ohhhh,” all at once. I just got up and kept running.  I could tell I skinned my need and hands, but nothing serious. We kept going. I was pretty happy until the half way point. I was going slower than my normal 1/2 pace, but I wanted to make sure I had enough to make it to the end. J. had to take a few bathroom/food stops along the way. I kept moving the best I could. I never had any points where I wanted to stop the race. I did have to walk more than I expected. I had food with me, but probably needed more. I walk/ran  (1 min walk/3min run) for a good portion on the last half. I tried my best to run most of the last 1.5 miles. I challenged a guy to run with me to the end. He was walking at the time, and ran almost to the end with me. I remembered that they had malasadas at the end. So, I ran… Well, at least my brain thought I was running. I’m not sure that 26.2 is my distance yet. I did this, but I don’t know if/when I’ll do another one. I think at this point I’m going to stick to the 1/2 marathon distance. Don’t hold me to that though. I’ve been known to change my mind to do crazy things. There was no cry, and no pooping my pants. I made it safely to the end. I can’t walk so well, but that’s okay. 

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