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2017 Kona Marathon  – Kona Half Marathon 

Kona Marathon Packet Pick Up
The Kona Marathon was this weekend in Waikoloa. After switching races last year due to an injury I was back to complete my goal of running the Half Marathon. The races and the Hilton Waikoloa offered a very generous room rate for Kama’aina runners, which allowed us to stay at the resort for the first time. I’ve always wanted to stay here, and play in the water slides and pools,  but the Marriot has always been considerably cheaper until now. So, we made a fun day out of the event.

We arrived early for packet pickup, I check to see if we might be able to get our room early. They allowed us to check in at 12pm, which was really awesome, as check in is usually 4pm.  We got a room in the Hale ‘Ike Palace Wing, which was very nice. The building was quiet, and the room was huge.

Since we got there so early we took the time to play in the water. Sadly, I still have a cold sore so I had to keep my head above water. I wasn’t able to go on the larger slides. I made do, and the kids thought I was ridiculous going down the little slide.

Hilton Waikoloa Pool Area

Waikoloa Water Slide Fun
Waikoloa Water Slide Fun
Waikoloa Sunset
Waikoloa Sunset

After, swimming we ate bentos in our and enjoyed the sunset.

I woke up at 4:15 to walk over to the start line for the 6am send off. It was a beautiful morning, which a slight breeze.

I finished with a PR of 2:25. I had been shooting for 2:20, but that’s okay. I was on track until the last few miles. I felt good for most of the race, but really started to feel it at mile 9. My Achilles’ tendon has been bothering me a bit, and it let me know it was there at 9 miles mark. I didn’t push it, as I want to keep that tendon happy. I also did a PR at the 10k mark which was exciting. 

Here is my annual finisher photo with the UCC cup. I was ready to go stretch, eat, and put my feet up at this point.  I really gave it my all for this race, and I was feeling it.

Half marathon race swag. The kitty wanted to be in the picture. Say hi kitty. 

Next up Jul 4th 5K. 

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Burn It Up.

After, much thought of late I decided to try a personal coach. I’ve always been pretty self motivated, but haven’t been holding myself accountable on some of my goals.  I’ve been thinking about this for quite sometime, and thought now might be the time to give it a go for a month or two to see if I progress. 

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International Karate League Kailua Kona Tournament – November 7 2016

Well, some how this post was never completed. Better late than never.

The IKL Kona Tournament took place last November. We had a new venue at the Kealakehe gym.

Quick image before the tournament. I’m not sure why I’m looking a so nervous.

Nishioka Shihan is the founder of our school. He’s a very special man.

I placed in two events this year.

Third in kata.

Second in kobudo.

We got to help manage one of the kumite rings. It was good experience, and quite the honor given our ranks.

The whole Pahala dojo. We all did very good. よくできました.

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Jingle Bell Beach Run 2016  Kailua Kona Christmas 5K

The Kona Jingle Bell Run was a very soggy affair this year. There was a very big storm that pushed thru, but luckily there was only a light drizzle by the time the race was underway.  My time for this race was 32:18. Again, I can’t seem to get my time under or back close to 30 minutes for 5K.  I think I’m still recovering from the marathon last week. I had a bit of pain in the right foot, but I need to figure out how I can sustain a faster pace. I have some training changes coming up, but not sure how much I can push without an injury. I have to be a bit careful with myself.  Overall a fun run, and great to see all the festive costumes. 

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2016 Honolulu Marathon – Honolulu Hawaii

Last, December I decided to run the Honolulu Marathon. It seemed like a good goal. I hadn’t run anything further than a 10k at that point. I also had to convince myself to take time off during the time my work is the busiest.  The Honolulu Marathon offers a $25 entry fee for Kama’aina during a short time each year. The affordable race fee, and the opportunity to see Honolulu Lights at the same as the race made it a done deal. 

The Honolulu Marathon had over 30,000 runners. This is by far the most populated race I’ve ever run. I’m used to the smaller Big Island running community. We got up at 2:30am, and took a bus to Ala Moana for the start line. 

I arrived at the start line quite early, but there was plenty to see. The race started with a fireworks display, and we started running in waves. 

The race started in the dark at 5am. There are lots of Christmas lights along the way. I was following close to J., and at the 5K sensor I was so focused on his feet that I missed seeing the sensor. I tripped and went flying. It was funny to hear everyone in unison yell, “Ohhhh,” all at once. I just got up and kept running.  I could tell I skinned my need and hands, but nothing serious. We kept going. I was pretty happy until the half way point. I was going slower than my normal 1/2 pace, but I wanted to make sure I had enough to make it to the end. J. had to take a few bathroom/food stops along the way. I kept moving the best I could. I never had any points where I wanted to stop the race. I did have to walk more than I expected. I had food with me, but probably needed more. I walk/ran  (1 min walk/3min run) for a good portion on the last half. I tried my best to run most of the last 1.5 miles. I challenged a guy to run with me to the end. He was walking at the time, and ran almost to the end with me. I remembered that they had malasadas at the end. So, I ran… Well, at least my brain thought I was running. I’m not sure that 26.2 is my distance yet. I did this, but I don’t know if/when I’ll do another one. I think at this point I’m going to stick to the 1/2 marathon distance. Don’t hold me to that though. I’ve been known to change my mind to do crazy things. There was no cry, and no pooping my pants. I made it safely to the end. I can’t walk so well, but that’s okay. 

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Ka’u Coffee Trail Run Pahala Hawaii 2016

I didn’t take my phone with my on this race, but the fabulous Suz Field captured the day for me. I wasn’t expecting to go out and break any PRs today, and I didn’t. This was a challenging course with a 2200 elevation change, according to my watch. This race is a challenging course. I had a blister open up somewhere around Mile 9, which added an extra bit of pain to the game. I’m glad I did it, and was happy through all of it. I admitI was getting tired of the hills at the end. I don’t know my official time yet, but my watch said 3:10. My last 1/2 time was 2:30. This time difference should give you an idea of how challenging this run was, at least for me. 🙂 

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Run For Hope – Four Seasons Hualalai 2016

Sept. 11, 2016 was the Race For Hope at Hualalai. I ran the 5K this year. This race is one of the prettiest and hottest races, but they sure do feed you well at the end. I ran for a time of 32:54.  I was hot, and I still can seem to go faster even with donuts at the end.

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How To Eat Jaboticaba – The Mighty Go

I was a little sick when I made this video, but the fruit was going to go bad. I wanted to make sure that I shared this fabulous fruit with you. I actually helped pick this fruit. It’s always wonderful when you have the chance to harvest fresh fruit.

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September Minimalist Game

A fellow facebook friend has been playing the Minimalist Game this month. I stumbled upon his posts a little late in the game this month. So, I thought I would start on my own game at the beginning of September. The game involves discarding/recycling/selling unused items from your life. Day 1 you remove one item, Day 2 you remove 2 items, and so on through out the month. I thought I had paired down most of my things that weren’t related to my daily work, but I while looking around today I think I might be able to complete the month. It would be awesome if you’d like to play along. I’m hoping to take photos each day of the items I release back into the world. If in any of the photos you see something you want let me know, and I’ll happily send to you. Be on the look out September 1st.

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